Update: Election Results from May 1, 2018

Though she did not win, Jo Anne was especially proud of her fully self funded campaign as a first time candidate.  Though she was offered donations, she declined as it was a matter of principle and integrity for this particular campaign. Rick West raised over $100,000 for his role as Mayor with his largest contributors from real estate development.

Jo Anne Gallant spent $2,455 and received 41.76% of the vote.

Rick West spent $56,908 and received 57.81% of the vote.

We, the people, did NOT elect Rick West to be our Mayor.

We, the people of Chesapeake, Virginia, did NOT elect Rick West to be our Mayor. He was hand selected by politicians to slide into the recently vacated role by over stepping Chesapeake’s long time Vice Mayor John de Trique.  Since Rick West is currently acting as our Mayor for the next few months, this puts him at a huge statistical advantage, but ultimately WE THE PEOPLE get to decide who is our Mayor.  WE VOTE ON MAY 1, 2018.

Chesapeake has an issue with over development causing flooding, traffic and school issues. Rick West’s top campaign donors are in Real Estate & Construction. His long time voting record strongly supports development, even when city staff and planning commissioners recommended denial of these developments.

Why is Jo Anne Gallant running for Mayor of Chesapeake?

Jo Anne Gallant is both a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser and a Real Estate Sales Person, yet she has openly advocated against several large developments proposed in Chesapeake.  She has informed city council about the financial impact that many of these developments have had our existing homeowners, and has encouraged our city to look back and learn from it’s past mistakes. Unfortunately, with the same people in office, year after year, we keep repeating many of these same mistakes.

Jo Anne is also the Mom of two Grassfield High School students, Cameron & Meadow.  She was deeply concerned about the recent Chesapeake school rezoning.  The kids in the neighborhood heard the adults discussing these issues, and they too became concerned.  As the go-to neighborhood Mom, Jo Anne helped them find a creative way to take action and express their voice against this issue.

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Scare and Intimidation Tactics

Did you know that one of Rick West’s first actions as Mayor was to file an ethics violation against Jo Anne Gallant as a Realtor® for speaking out as a citizen?

This claim is currently under review by the Hampton Roads Realtor® Association (HRRA).  Jo Anne is optimistic about a fair review of the material even though HRRA donated $3,500 to Rick West’s campaign because the claim is riddled with false accusations and inaccuracies.  Jo Anne Gallant has never participated in any real estate transaction with either Rick West nor his real estate partner Paul Fuqua, yet her career is being threatened from her use of free speech as a private citizen to an elected official.

Here are the facts:

Jo Anne Gallant wrote an email to Rick West when he was our Vice Mayor stating she believed that the real estate listings that he and his partner Paul Fuqua had received from builders could be perceived as a potential conflict of interest.  She used social media and encouraged others to send an email if they agreed, and many people did.

At Rick West’s request a meeting was held to discuss these concerns. During this meeting scare and intimidation tactics were used by Rick West and his real estate partner Paul Fuqua. In an extremely unprofessional and aggressive manner, Jo Anne was literally SCREAMED AT IN HER FACE to the point of tears.  They demanded a public apology, but Jo Anne stood her ground and refused to do so.

Unfortunately, Jo Anne has learned that this is not the first or the last time these type of scare and intimidation tactics have been used by our elected officials here in Chesapeake. City Council and the Commonwealth Attorney are aware of this incident as they have been informed in writing. There was a severe lack of response to this citizen complaint and Rick West has since been  promoted from Vice Mayor to Mayor, since he was politically selected for the role.

As a direct result of these experiences, Jo Anne Gallant decided to take action and is now running for Mayor of Chesapeake.  She believes in freedom of speech and that your career should not be jeopardized by the “good old boy network” for speaking out whether you are a Realtor, a teacher, a nurse, a police officer, a small business owner or simply a private citizen of Chesapeake.


If you agree, we need you to vote for Jo Anne Gallant on May 1, 2018.

Please spread the word and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to vote so WE CAN TAKE BACK OUR CITY!

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