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Local Mom Spotlight on Jo Anne Gallant – Hampton Roads Moms – February 12, 2018

“Each of the areas of Chesapeake has it’s own individual characteristics and challenges and many people do not feel like their voices are being heard currently. There is a strong agricultural heritage within the city that needs to be respected as we grow and develop also.

We definitely have a problem with traffic and school over-crowding that are directly caused by rapid development. I think my perspective as both a real estate agent and a licensed appraiser gives me a larger perspective on these issues. I have no direct relationships with any builders or developers as my clients have been individual citizens and I believe I can analyze the pros and cons of upcoming issues and vote objectively. Just like balancing your home budget or that of a large apartment complex, the city needs to prioritize it’s budget and focus on fixing existing problems first.” Read more at Hampton Roads Moms.


Grassfield residents worry proposed housing development jeopardizes property values, schools

“Jo Anne Gallant is a realtor and licensed appraiser who lives in the Grassfield area. She says the development will create a traffic nightmare and overcrowd schools—forcing the school district to rezone.

“If we rezone the houses and put people in different school districts that costs them their equity in their property. There is a $25,000 difference in owning the same house in the Grassfield High School (district) versus the Deep Creek High School (district),” she said.”   Channel 13 News Now Report – August 15, 2017


Social Media Viral Video Launched by Jo Anne Gallant


Chesapeake’s latest big development faces familiar argument – this time, from kids and parents alike – The Virginian Pilot – September 18, 2017

But Jo Anne Gallant, a real estate agent and appraiser who lives nearby, created, with videos critical of The Confluence. Besides its impact on schools and traffic, Gallant said, the housing market is saturated, and existing homes will be devalued. The city is also not evaluating how previously approved developments are performing, she said.

“I genuinely believe this development does not fit right here.” Gallant said. “I don’t think the city is really understanding what’s needed for growth.”  The Virginian Pilot – September 18, 2017


Chesapeake council rejects plan for large residential development; OKs off-track betting at eatery – The Virginian Pilot – September 20, 2017

“During a City Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017, Chesapeake resident Jo Anne Gallant spoke in opposition to The Confluence at Dominion Park, a large development of homes, townhouses, apartments and commercial space that had been proposed in Grassfield. The City Council denied the developers request for more time and voted to reject the proposal.”  The Virginian Pilot – September 20, 2017


Chesapeake votes against proposal to build development with hundreds of homes – Wavy 10 News

Critics also raised concerns about nearby property values and the environment.

“There’s no commonsense in how things are being developed in this city,” says Jo Anne Gallant, a local real estate agent and licensed appraiser.

Gallant launched a website aimed at stopping the development and posted signs near the property, reminding citizens of the council meeting on Tuesday. She and Hammerquist told 10 On Your Side they were pleased with the decision council made.”   Wavy 10 News Report – September 20, 2017


Chesapeake mom catches attention on social media for snow plan – 13 NEWS NOW

“CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) — A mom is catching a lot of attention online after she shared her plan to get kids back to school after the winter storm.

In 24 hours, the meme was shared over 7,500 times on our Facebook page.”

Channel 13 News Now Report – January 11, 2017