Grass Roots Movement

This campaign is literally a grass roots movement.  We hope to preserve and protect our grass and green space by advocating for responsible development in Chesapeake. The challenge is that the other candidates for Mayor will have a lot of “green” $$$ backing them.

Did you know :

Chesapeake has over 235,000 citizens.

The Mayor of Chesapeake is considered a part time position and is paid $25,000 annually.

City Council Members are paid $23,000 annually.

Despite the low salaries, large amounts of money are spent on these campaigns and much of the funding comes from real estate developers who need city council members to approve their developments.  Rick West spent $65,030 for his 9,018 votes to get re-elected to city council.  Wait?  Isn’t Rick  West Mayor now?  Let me explain…

Krassnoff’s Big Pay Raise

No one can really blame former Mayor Krasnoff for deciding to run for the Clerk of Court position in November in 2017.  Now that he has been elected to that role he has jumped from a salary of $25,000 as the Mayor of Chesapeake to $154,000 annually by becoming a city employee.  The clerk of court position became available when Faye Mitchelle  announced she was retiring after 13 years of service.  Interestingly Senator Cosgrove  initially announced that he would be running for the position, but withdrew his nomination just a few days later when Krasnoff declared that he would be campaigning for the job.  Unfortunately Faye Mitchelle passed away just a few days before her retirement date.

Back Door Politics

In June 2016 city council made an unusual move.  They asked long time Vice Mayor De Trique to step down as Vice Mayor and unanimously voted Rick West as Vice Mayor.  This Virginia Pilot article has some interesting quotes as to why this changed happened such as “De Triquet ‘was ready for someone else to do that job.’”

This move set up Rick West to slide in as acting Mayor when Krasnoff won Clerk of Court.  He has not been elected as Mayor of Chesapeake by the citizens, but instead fulfilled the vacancy due to his newly appointed position as Vice Mayor at the time.  This left a council member position open and the Vice Mayor position open.

Citizen after citizen took to the podium to ask city council to consider Dr. Ella Ward for the the role of Vice Mayor and cited her qualifications. No one from city council would nominate Dr. Ella Ward, they decided to nominate and vote in our former Vice Mayor De Triquet instead.

Learn how we can make this right for Dr. Ella Ward at


De Trique has been serving on City Council since 1994.  This was the year that OJ Simpson was infamously chased in the white Bronco and figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked in the knee.  This was also the year that reporter Katie Couric struggled to explain what the “information super highway” was when she infamously asked “what is the internet anyway?”

Chesapeake Mayor Race May 2018

In May of 2018 several city council member positions and school board member positions will be coming up for vote.   Also on the ballot will be candidates for Chesapeake Mayor.  The mayor’s race is technically a special election with a shortened term. Whoever is elected in May 2018 will only serve until the end of Krasnoff’s original term ending in 2020 and then need to campaign again in another year to be re-elected.

A considerable amount of time, money and resources would be used for a short candidacy further discouraging anyone to bother running. I know many citizens are frustrated with our current elected officials.  I believe in the power of the people.  After much encouragement from a variety of people, I decide to try and make a difference in my community.


Being an independent voter is alot like being the swing vote in the game show Survivor. When you are not bound by your alliance, you are FREE to vote your conscience. ~Jo Anne Gallant – Mom For Mayor

I have to give a shout out to 16 year old Logan of Great Bridge High School for asking me on Facebook “Under what party will you be running?”  My direct answer to him was:

“Truth is I am a registered independent voter. This actually puts me at a huge statistical disadvantage because I will not have the financial support or resources by either party. I prefer to research the candidates I vote for and make a decision based off merit. I don’t believe in voting for someone just because my party recommended a candidate.”  I also reminded Logan that he may be able to vote in 2020!

During the May 2016 election there were 15,578 voters in our city of over 235,000 people.  I believe  using  an old school grass roots campaign, complete with word of mouth and social media, that we can recruit enough people to make this happen.  After all if the 7,756 people who share my viral picture last year  went out and voted… I could be YOUR MAYOR… but not your Mom!

Ways to Help Take Back Our City

Like Mom for Mayor on Facebook and share the page with friends and family.

Make sure you are registered to vote and encourage others to do the same.

Sign up to volunteer and stay informed as this campaign gets rolling.

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